Conversion rate of online sales leads


Increase in conversion of online sales leads


Complaint handling time online

What characterizes Autolle.com is a new focus on car sales, affordability, customer friendly attitude and reliability. Selling cars online is at the core of the business and new cars are sold with a warranty to new buyers. The growth of the company has continued at a steady pace while the need for online customer service has increased.

Multiple reasons for outsourcing online customer service

“We have always had a great need for online customer service. The service has to be available where the customer is looking for cars – online”, says CEO Niklas Nukari at Autolle.com. “Previously, we used the chat in our own team but the continuous, strong growth of the company increased also customer chats so much that handling the chat service started to become a burden for our sales team. In addition, many inquiries concerned other topics than sales, and our sales people often didn’t have enough knowledge to serve these customers. Also our sales people varied widely in their skill level. Some could serve customers really well, some couldn’t. For these reasons we decided to test Smilee’s customer service on our website”, says Niklas.

Currently, Smilee is responsible for the chat service in the evenings and weekends whereas Autolle.com manages it on weekdays.

Our cooperation works very well, one couldn’t wish for more.”

Niklas Nukari, Autolle.com

Easy change process and clear division of work

“For us the change process was very easy. We spent approximately one and half hours on familiarizing Smilee’s customer service staff with our company. Otherwise the process was put into action by Smilee”, says Niklas,  “The job profile of Smilee on our website is also clear: Customer service assists our customers in anything that concerns them and forwards sales leads to our sales people. On weekdays our sales people call the leads obtained via online customer service within minutes or at least a few hours”.

Working together is valuable

When our sales people were handling online customer service alongside their other duties, about 21% of online leads ended up closing deals with us. Now about 68% of online leads become paying customers, so the growth has been very clear. Cooperation between Smilee’s customer service and the sales team of Autolle.com works very well, one couldn’t wish for more. All in all we’ve been very happy with our new customer service model!” Niklas concludes. “In the future Autolle.com will emphasize more online sales and cooperation with the customer service partner”.

What kind of benefits has Autolle.com gained through online customer service?

  • Competent online customer service
  • Service where the customer needs it
  • Increase in sales
  • Sales people can focus on sales and customer service staff can focus on customer service

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