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Technopolis: Business space leasing online

Technopolis Oyj is an Oulu-based, stock-listed company, that is specialized in offering office space in business parks around Finland. The Technopolis business idea is based on creating an exceptional customer experience that is built up by flexibility, wide service offering, and the Technopolis community that welcomes all new Technopolis customers. Tecnopolis aims at offering their customers the opportunity to focus on their core activity, business, while Technopolis takes care of the rest. Technopolis has business parks in eight different cities in Finland, as well as in Oslo, Tallinn, Vilnius, and St. Petersburg. Altogether, Technopolis owns 745,000 square meters of business space worldwide, the company turnover being around 171,000,000 euros in 2015.

Chat is a hassle?

Jouko Uusitalo, the Business Development Manager at Technopolis Oulu, says that the main purpose of is the usual, i.e., finding contact with the customer online. In order to reach this goal, the Technopolis website is filled with guides, countless contact forms, and well-thought-out keywords to optimize the site visibility on search engine result lists. In order to develop the site even further, the online customer behavior is monitored and analyzed. Technopolis has also taken the Smilee SaaS service into use in order to enhance the online customer experience. Currently, the service is at use on the OuluTampere office space pages, as well as at the Technopolis Service Desk page, i.e., the front page of the site. Before installing the cloud service, Technopolis had had their doubts about running online customer service on a daily basis. “We thought that having a chat service on the website would be a hassle, but Smilee convinced us that offering online customer service would not take too much time from team and would let us take care of our daily tasks, as well. So, we decided to give online customer service a try. After a while, we realized that an organization like Technopolis does not receive a huge number of chat messages in one day, which makes it easy for us to take care of the online customers”, Jouko says. “Here at the Oulu office, we have four employees that take turns in replying to the chat messages.”

“Online customer service is becoming a norm”

Technopolis is using the Smilee SaaS service especially as a lead generation tool. In practice, most of the chat messages are related to office space leading, which gives Technopolis the chance to directly forward the customer to a person who is responsible for the premises the customer is interested in. “We have been tracking the actions of our customers after chats and we have ended up even in signing contracts with these customers. The chat offers a low threshold for contacting a company, which is one of the reasons why I think each modern company should offer the chance to reach online customer service on  their website, even if there would not be a hundred chats on the site per day”, says Jouko. “The chat solution has come to stay on the websites of service companies of today, and also Technopolis needs it. We do not want to lose customers due to not offering online customer service. The Smilee SaaS software lets us reach our customers online with ease and at an affordable price. We are not only pleased with the software, but also proud to use it, as we like to support our own customers, even if it is just by 50 euros per month”, Jouko finishes with a smile on his face.

Why does Technopolis recommend online customer service?

  • It is a website must these days
  • Online customer service is easy to handle  on the side of the everyday office chores
  • Online customer service generates leads

“The chat solution has come to stay on the websites of service companies of today, and also Technopolis needs it.”

Jouko Uusitalo, Technopolis Oyj

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