Pricing – chat solutions for sales and customer service

Select either self-service Smilee Toolbox or Premium packages with expert support and optimisation. Custom amount of users, teams and bots in all subscriptions. Contact us for more information and application demos.

Smilee Starter

Chatbot does not bind your resources, but a well designed bot collects leads 24/7. Use it to see the chat potential on your website.
99 month, yearly billing
  • 1 custom bot, use it for leads, contact requests, FAQ...
  • A basic template for generic contact bot, the structure can be customised to your needs
  • In-app statistics
  • Onboarding
  • 1 optimisation session
  • Live-chat app for one team, includes 3 users

Smilee Toolbox

Design and implement your chat channel with bots and live-chat. Easy-to-use tools for sales and customer service.
299 month (starting from)
  • Live-chat app for one or more support team(s), includes 6 users
  • 3 chatbots (chat popups or embedded in content)
  • Easy-to-use chatbot conversation structure editor
  • In-app statistics
  • Easy hands-on Onboarding
  • 2 optimisation sessions / year
  • Mobile UI for chat agents

Smilee Business Engine

Let our experts help you with chat channel design, implementation, continuous development and optimisation.
499 month (starting from)
  • Live-chat app for one or more support team(s), includes 6 users
  • 3 chatbots (chat popups or embedded in content)​
  • Video, voice and screen share options in the live-chat
  • Chatbots on a turnkey basis
  • Statistics and reports as service
  • Smilee Hub -chat-leads, tickets and other requests centralised in one view
  • Easy hands-on Onboarding
  • 4 optimisation sessions / year​
  • Mobile UI for chat agents​

Pricing – get the chat up and running easily!

Smilee Online Expert Team

Outsource your live-chat service to our expert team. Continuous development and co-operation makes sure the service gives you the best possible value.
Request a meeting monthly billing
  • Includes max 30 chats / month
  • Service-times: weekdays 8-23, weekends 9-21
  • Leads and/or tickets to email (or other application)
  • 2 optimisation sessions / year

Smilee Conversion Drive​

Reach your goals with a tailored, turn-key chat solution. Our experts will support you with continuous development and optimisation.​
Request a meeting individual contract
  • All features of Business Engine +
  • Unlimited number of chatbots
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Integration options (API): DMS, CRM, pipeline, ticketing system, etc.
  • Online Expert Team
  • Custom features
  • Chat embed to third party platforms (f.e. marketplaces)


Enhance your chat solution and improve conversion rates by utilizing our various add-ons.
Request a meeting
  • WhatsApp integration

    - includes 6 users for €150/month, additional user €10/month/user
  • AI Assistant for Live Chat
  • AI-inpagebot
  • Smilee AI bot - ask for an offer!

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