Expert chat team at your service 

We offer a professional chat team that takes care of your online customer service and sales. We can handle all chat traffic – or share the work with your in-house team(s) as a 1st line or 2nd line team.

We invest in the best industry expertise and customer satisfaction. Each case is thoroughly studied, our team specifically trained to your company practices – and the team performance is constantly monitored. Service available in English, Finnish and Swedish – but please contact us with inquiries to other languages

How does Smilee chat team work?

All of Smilee’s online experts are trained for the customer segments, website, products and services of our client companies. In addition to consultative sales and customer service skills our team has industry knowledge in various fields of business.

Team basics

Our chat team converts page visits to deals and customers and provides first class customer service. We have industry specific expertise from several sectors - and Smilee attitude!


We train our chat team to know your company, your website(s) and your industry. We keep track of what is going on in your company and update our skills frequently.

Service hours

Extensive service hours help your customers to reach your company when in need. In addition to regular office hours, we provide service in the evenings and on weekends.


We report the chats and their key performance indicators based on the client’s reporting needs, usually on monthly basis.

Lead validation and delivery

Our team converts chats into high quality leads based on the agreed pre-screening procedures and forwards the leads immediately to your sales team.


Our online experts can serve your customers in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Chat team in car retail

How successful would a car dealership be if there was nobody to take care of the customers in the physical store? Jim Löthman, Marketing Manager at RA Motor, compares websites to a physical car dealership. He thinks a presence on the website is essential.

Choose your plan

Get started with our self-service plan or contact us for customised solution.
We will gladly share our expertise for best results!

Smilee chat team references

Read how our customers have implemented their live-chat solutions, how they arrange the online service and manage the chat service with our software and chat outsourcing solutions. More how-to articles in our blog.

Pörhö: Car sales enter the digital era

Pörhön Autoliike, a prestigious Finnish car dealership originally from Tornio, Lapland, turned 60 years recently. Pörhö has 13 offices with showrooms in nine different locations in Eastern and Northern Finland. The headquarters is in  Oulu. Pörhö sells new Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Kia, Skoda, Seat, Opel, Mazda, Peugeot and Mitsubishi cars, as well as used cars

Bilia: The role of chat is growing in today's car sales

Bilia Oy Ab is a prestigious Finnish Volvo car dealership founded in 1990 and operating under Volvo Car Finland. Bilia sells cars, spare parts, and merchandise, and offers repair services in three differen locations in the Helsinki area. The headquarters of the company is located in Kaivoksela, Vantaa, and the other two locations are Olari, Espoo,

chat asiakaspalvelu on käytössä Kuopiossa

Kuopio: Online customer service at

Kuopio is the eight largest city in Finland with approximately 120 000 inhabitants. The city, as well as the port of Kuopio, is located by Lake Kallavesi. For tourists, one of the main attractions in Kuopio is the Puijo Tower, while students are drawn to the city by the University of Eastern Finland located in

Taitotalo encourages educational institutions for online customer service

Taitotalo is a private educational institution founded in 1922. It operates nationwide and offers education in the industrial and technological field. Taitotalo completes about 70 000 study days yearly, in three offices and with the help of about 140 employees. The durations of the educations vary from short seminars to educations leading to professional competence.

How to build a functional chat solution?

About 1% of website visits convert to chats – and with high traffic websites the chat load can get high. It also might be that all your people are busy serving customers in real life. That’s the reason why chat is not just a software – but a solution. Your solution can be partially automated with chatbot and / or outsourced to Smilee chat team.


Use chatbot(s) for automated tasks

Chatbots can be seamlessly used with live-chat solutions, gathering preliminary information, routing the chats to the right teams and filling in the out-of-the-office hours. They enhance chat engagement and can collect information with forms. Chatbots can - and should - be customised to specific tasks. You can have one bot for customer service, another for sales - and one more for recruiting pages.


chat team

Smilee chat software for live-chat

You might want to have the option of your salespeople or specialist customer service team to take over the chats when needed. Our chat software is easy to use and it supports the chat handover between teams


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