Improve Customer Experience and Increase Sales through AI Chat

We know how to elevate the customer experience in remote transactions. Collaborate with Smilee’s experts to design a chat channel and achieve your goals in remote sales and digital customer service.

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The perfect solution for sales or customer service

Successful chat combines efficient chatbots, seamless live chat, service and sales expertise, and extensive service hours. Smilee covers all of these, including CarWebshop for digital automotive sales and WhatsApp as a channel

Chatbots handle leads, inquiries, and simple service tasks 24/7

Inpagebot enhances conversion rates on key website pages

Our chat team manages website service, addressing peak traffic and extending service hours

Smile Hub easily handles contacts and leads, seamlessly integrating with your sales or customer service system

CarWebshop turns your car dealership website into an online store, allowing immediate online sales

The chat application offers features for flexible service, with a convenient mobile interface and video chat for interaction, screen sharing, and personalized service

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With optimization up to 10% of visits convert to chatbot leads.

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Chat request indicates purchase intent. Up to 80-90% of chats can be sales related.

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Well optimised chat provides a contact request in 50% of cases.

Setting up a chat is quick and easy. The new channel will be available to you for up to a week after signing the contract.
All our service packages include training. Sell ​​more efficiently and serve better starting from next week!

Based on real-time and visualized results, you can constantly see how the chat solution works. Let the results drive the service development!

Our Business Engine and Conversion Drive packages also include continuous service optimization – our analysts will support you in developing the service and achieving results.

User-friendly applications and expert assistance for service optimization

As our client, you won’t be left alone with your chat solution. Our experienced analysts have already optimized dozens of chat solutions and will help you achieve your goals.
Successful chat prompts can double the number of chats. Increasing the number of leads can be achieved by considering customer context, extending service hours, leveraging bots for traffic management, and offering services beyond regular hours. Our service packages, Business Engine & Conversion Drive, include optimization.

Sales results and better service in the car trade and other industries

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