More sales and superior customer experience with a chat solution

One- or bidirectional video connection for remote presentations, demos and sales negotiations.

We know how to turn website visits to leads and even directly to sales – and how to improve the customer experience in the remote transactions to a record. Design your chat channel with our experts – and reach your goals in remote sales and digital customer service. Now also in WhatsApp.

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A complete chat solution from one vendor - to improve your online conversion

A well-functioning chat solution consists of several building blocks. It is a combination of functional chatbots, live-chat, online service- and sales expertise, extended serving hours, and even the details of the implementation. Effective CTA:s, bot architecture, etc. Now also WhatsApp-integration available as well as our new Smilee Webshop for digital sales of cars.

We can provide you with all this! Smilee chatbots collect leads, contact requests and other straightforward service requests 24/7. The content bots, embedded directly on key pages improve conversion.

Smilee live-chat application suits for both large and small customer service and sales teams. Versatile team features offer seamless solution for your online service. The mobile UI enables your salespeople and customer service representatives to slip the chat tool into their pockets. The video chat option provides one or two directional video connections on the fly – plus the option for screen sharing.

Smilee Chat’s new webshop platform paves the way for car dealers to have their own webshops. It enables the verification of customers’ digital buying intent and allows sellers to track their sales funnels. Smilee’s online store empowers digital sales capability.

In addition, you can hire our online expert team to take care of the chat. The team can also fill in the peak times or extend your service hours beyond the regular office hours.

The leads, connection requests and tickets can be collected to Smilee Hub. It provides pipeline tools for request handling – and it can be integrated into an external CRM or ticket system.

1 %

With optimization up to 10% of visits convert to chatbot leads.

1 %

Chat request indicates purchase intent. Up to 80-90% of chats can be sales related.

1 %

Well optimised chat provides a contact request in 50% of cases.

Setting up a chat is quick and easy. The new channel will be available to you for up to a week after signing the contract.
All our service packages include training. Sell ​​more efficiently and serve better starting from next week!

Based on real-time and visualized results, you can constantly see how the chat solution works. Let the results drive the service development!

Our Business Engine and Conversion Drive packages also include continuous service optimization – our analysts will support you in developing the service and achieving results.

Easy-to-use chat applications and expert service for solution optimisation

With us, you won’t be left alone with your chat solution. Our experienced analysts have already optimized dozens of chat solutions and will help you reach your goals. It is possible to increase the number of chats and the number of leads (conversion) by monitoring the results and systematically testing different solutions.

Successful, distinctive chat CTA:s can double the number of chats. The number of leads can be increased, for example, by taking into account the context and page content in CTA:s, extending the service hours, using the bot in traffic control and outside the service hours…… our team does not run out of ideas. Our Business Engine & Conversion Drive service packages include optimization.

Sales results and better service in the car trade and other industries

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