Get a Chatbot for Easy Automation and Engagement

Don’t let chat management stress you out – get a chatbot! This affordable and automated solution is perfect for handling themost common questions and keeping your website’s online service running 24/7.

And if things get too complicated, don’t worry – your chatbot can always hand things over to a human customer service agent. In fact, a set of well-designed chatbots can handle up to 60% of all your chats. Read more!

Smilee chatbot features

Smilee chatbot can answer your customers’ frequently asked questions with a few clicks. The button-based conversation is mobile-friendly. The bot can collect customer data for a human agent to work with – or save it as a lead. It can route your customer to the correct customer service team. It is awake 24/7 and does not care about holidays.

A good bot has a simple task, related to page content. Perhaps you need more than just one!

Easy to use conversation editor

Building the conversation paths is easy with a flexible visual UI.

Multiple form field options

Simple contact forms or conversational forms are both available. Form data can be sent to email and/or integrated to external system, fe. CRM.

Statistics to Google Analytics

Follow up the bot data in real time in Google Analytics. With Pro-subscription our analytics visualise the bot paths to a customised report and help with the bot development.

Live-chat handover

The bot can make a chat handover to live customer service team. It can also route the traffic to the right service team, if you have more than one.

Coming soon: integrations via Zapier

Zapier is a tool that moves data between your web apps automatically. Soon you will be able to make flexible integrations from chatbot to other systems using Zapier.

Customise the look and feel

Customise the chatbot look and feel and make it fit your brand and website.

Bot stats

1 %

Chatbot can handle up to 60% of all chat conversations.

Collects leads
1 %
Up to 36% increase in online sales volume with the help of chatbot.
increased conversion
1 x

Users are engaging with a bot more often than with live-chat. You can get from 1% conversion up to 3-6% of all visitors. 

Chatbot use cases

It is a good idea to customise a single bot for a single task. One bot can handle few typical customer service requests, second bot can be shown on product pages for lead generation and third one on recruiting pages collecting candidate info.

Specialised bots are more effective. Their structure is simple enough and thus easy to use. On the other hand you will get a stronger contextual link with the page/section content and bot functionality.

For lead generation

For product and service pages deploy a bot specialised to lead generation. Chatbot tends to be very effective in simple cases where the customer knows what he wants and there is not much room for customisation. For example, car dealerships get plenty of simple service leads from chatbots.

For customer service cases

Simple customer service can be implemented with one bot - but more complex cases can be distributed to several separate designs. One bot, one conversation. A bot can take care of FAQ, another can guide through the return process, etc. Many of our car dealership customers add a specialised tire change bot to their site during the spring and autumn season. The bot CTA on the page can indicate the service the bot can provide.

For recruiting

Recruiting bot can screen the visitors with few preliminary questions, it can collect contact information from applicants - and answer frequently asked questions.

Choose your plan

Get started with our self-service plan or contact us for customised solution.
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Chat in action – ideas & best practices

Read how our customers have implemented their chatbot solutions, how they arrange the online service and manage the chat service. More in our blog.

What are the key factors for high-quality online customer service?

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Taitotalo encourages educational institutions for online customer service

Taitotalo is a private educational institution founded in 1922. It operates nationwide and offers education in the industrial and technological field. Taitotalo completes about 70 000 study days yearly, in three offices and with the help of about 140 employees. The durations of the educations vary from short seminars to educations leading to professional competence.

Do you need the human touch?

The bot is a great addition to your live chat solution – but in the end the best chat implementations are often a combination of live-chat service and automation.

chat software

Smilee chat software for live-chat

You might want to have the option of the chat redirected to your salespeople or customer service team in certain cases. Our chat software is easy to use - and it works seamlessly with one or more bot implementations.


chat team

Outsource the chat to our team

Smilee’s professional chat team improves your customer experience and boosts your sales! You can outsource your whole online customer service - or hire us to work together with one or more of your teams.


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