Smilee Chatbot Brings the Best out of Automatization

Chatbot is a handy tool when you want to automatize the customer needs assessment and enhance the online customer service. Let the chatbot serve your customers’ and join the conversation if needed. Together with automatization you can achieve more – try it yourself and ask us for an offer!
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Chatbot serves your customers tirelessly around the clock!

Chatbot offers a cost-effective and automated alternative to traditional chat services. Chatbot can take care of a pre-chat survey for you or manage your website’s online service 24 hours a day.

If needed, the chatbot can transfer the chat to a human customer service agent to help with difficult issues. A well trained chatbot can handle up to 60% of all chats depending on the complexity of the business.

The benefits of chatbot – Why should you invest?

Chatbot provides you with a 24/7 customer service experience. Chatbot can also act as a support layer for a customer service agent, suggesting answers and thus allowing people to focus on the most important.


Chatbot can handle up to 60% of all chat conversations


Increase in sales volume with the help of chatbot


Of your site visitors start a conversation with the bot

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Why Smilee Chatbot?

An interactive chatbot can map your customers’ problem before an human customer service agent joins the conversation. The Smilee Chatbot can answer to your customers’ frequently asked questions with a few button presses or decide the best expert to handle the conversation effortlessly.

Smilee Chatbot provides an automated and interactive solution for every company’s online customer service, needs assessment and sales needs. The service enables automation for those customers who find resource allocation challenging and whose volume does not require artificial intelligence.

Chat service - in case your own time is not enough for everything

We can help by letting the Smilee online expert team take care of your whole online customer service.

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Would you like to take care of your online customer service by yourself?

You can also utilize your own customer service team to produce the chat service.

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