About Us

Smilee offers a wide range of solutions from chat software to the latest chatbot technologies. We offer a professional Online Expert team that takes care of your chat customer service. We invest in the best industry expertise and customer satisfaction. Whatever the chat solution is, we will be your partner in building a smooth web customer experience. We guarantee you reach your chat goals.
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Our Story

Smilee was founded in 2014. Our founders wanted to bring superior customer experience online. 

We want to help businesses to grow in today’s digital world.  

Smilee Values


We want to be a trustworthy partner to our cusomers and a top-tier workplace to our team members. We value mutual trust very high.


Originally Smilee is a startup company. We want to keep the startup attitude and always have the courage to find the best ways to serve our customers.


Results are the first thing we want to deliver with chat. We want to help you reach your chat goals.


Life is already too serious. We want to have fun and celebrate when we succeed and reach our goals.

Continuous learning

We always want to deepen our partnerships so we can learn more your business and customers. That way we will be able to serve your customers the best way possible.

Our Awesome Team

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