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Flexible working hours

As long you get the job done, we dont care when you work.


You can work fully remote. Good internet connection is the only limit!

comfy offices

We have comfy offices in Oulu and Helsinki. Both offices are right in the city center.

company events

We organize parties and other fun events to our team members!

Smilee - Remote working
Smilee - Anni working

Open positions & recruitment news

Here you can find our open positions, interesting articles about our work culture and other recruitment news.

Jenni ja Ilari

Remote Work – Freedom and Responsibility

It has been studied that the productivity of work is better when working at home than at the office, even though it might be easy to think the opposite. One could imagine that the temptations at home would disturb working but this is actually not the case. When it comes to remote work, one can

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