How to succeed with website chat

Eight Tips for Successful Chat Deployment

Whether you choose a chat software, a hybrid model, or a turnkey service, it’s very likely that with the right strategic input, your company benefits from chat deployment. Here are eight tips to help you successfully launch a chat service on your website.  Nowadays a chat window appears on multiple websites, and chat has become

Chat-palvelu verkkokaupassa tukee asiakasta ostamisen eri vaiheissa

Chat Service in E-Commerce

Buying has changed. It’s no longer limited to physical encounters, but it spreads across all online  interfaces between seller and customer. One could say that e-commerce is not anymore a small curiosity alongside brick and mortar stores but an essential part of business in almost every industry. Nowadays, it’s not a choice whether you want

8 vinkkiä siihen, miten saada verkkosivuille lisää chatteja

How to Get More Chats on Your Website

Do you already have a chat tool on your website? Great! So now can reach your customers where they already are – online. However, if you are not satisfied with the amount of incoming chats, there are several ways you can encourage your customers to start a conversation with you. Here are eight ways to

The Benefits of Chat for B2B-companies

Digitalization has increased the use of chat functions as part of many companies’ customer service. Consumers who chat are used to getting service quickly and easily almost any time of the day. In addition, the companies might have noticed that chat greatly improves customer service and reaches easily customers where they already are. The benefits

Kuntien digitalisaatio

Municipal services via chat – the six biggest benefits

As the world changes with the digitalization, more traditional operators have gotten involved in adopting new tools and practices to keep up with the new requirements. Especially cities and municipalities have been positively active in this development, compared to more sales-driven operators. Even though their websites focus mainly on the customer service, chat has taken a great role in

asiakaspalvelu chatissä - 4 vinkkiä

4 tips on how to successfully serve your customer through chat

Customer service through chat is in a lot of ways different than the conventional face-to-face customer service. While chatting with the customer, it is essential to pay attention to a number of rules that apply especially to written communication. Words can convey a lot of meaning, but due to the lack of, e.g., physical presence

3 reasons why Generation Z is after the perfect online customer experience

The youth is taking over the online business. Generation Z, that is the young people born around the 1990s and the 2000s, already builds up a major part of all the online customers, and the number of Generation Z customers is constantly increasing. Generation Z is also known as the Internet Generation, who was born

What are the key factors for high-quality online customer service?

Real-time online customer service is becoming more and more common on websites, replacing the contact forms and the irregularly available chat services. The shift from irregular online customer service to real-time human-to-human service has also introduced online customer service providers who work as partners to their client companies. In order to be able to guarantee

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