3 reasons why Generation Z is after the perfect online customer experience

The youth is taking over the online business. Generation Z, that is the young people born around the 1990s and the 2000s, already builds up a major part of all the online customers, and the number of Generation Z customers is constantly increasing. Generation Z is also known as the Internet Generation, who was born and raised in the Digital Age. These youngsters are in many ways different than the people born before them, which sets new requirements also for the online business owners interested in them.

An effective way to catch the attention of Generation Z is to invest in the customer experience on your website. Here are the three main reasons why real-time online customer service is appealing to Gen Z:

1. Generation Z is a group of digital natives used to taken care of their business online

Young people are so used to making use of the digital channels that they automatically assume near anything can be taken care of online with just a few clicks. Even so, it can sometimes be difficult to solve things simply by browsing the web, which creates a need for some expert advice. This is when an online customer service agent can make the customer experience for your young customer by answering their questions either through a chat, video or co-browsing connection.

2. Human-to-human communication is still the talk of the town

Even though young people expect services to be offered in a digital form, human-to-human communication is still – and this may come to you as a surprise – most important to them. Generation Z wants personal service from another human when they need it. If you are able to provide this type of service on your website, and even able to offer the service in a real-time form and by a person that the customer has come to know after consulting them every now and then for a while, the online experience will be perfect for the young customer.

3. Young people place a high value on the consideration for others

It is also important to bear in mind that representatives of Generation Z appreciate those who consider the people, and the customers, around them. Generation Z is a demanding group of people that often regard the immaterial things in life as more important than the material. Investing in the customer service on your web site is one way of giving more of yourself and setting yourself apart from the competition. This takes a little bit of time and effort, but may pay itself off in the form of a new group of satisfied and engaged young customers.

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