Online store for car sales

Digital sales of the cars through the online store in a new, innovative and easy way! Anyone can sell online, and all car sellers can participate if they wish.

Smilee’s e-commerce platform has centralized documentation of sales discussions and monitoring of the top end of the sales pipeline using Dashboard and reports. The online store doesn’t require the instant response times of live chat and the new function of Smilee Chat works as its own tool, it doesn’t require new user IDs or systems.


Contact us and take advantage of our expertise – we have implemented hundreds of chat solutions for Finnish and Swedish websites.


The stages of the Smilee online store

Consumers buy cars online – let’s start online sales together!

1. Buy button

On the car shop's website, you'll find a button like "Buy a car" or "Request an offer". When you click on it, the car you're interested in gets added to your shopping cart. Smilee's chatbot, live chat, and WhatsApp chat all support the purchasing process.

2. Shopping cart

Once the desired car is in the shopping cart, the customer can fill in information about their trade-in vehicle, apply for a potential financing pre-approval, and write a message to the seller. The online store notifies both parties about new messages and offers, initiating the conversation.

3. Link

The customer receives a link to the shopping cart, allowing them to update the car's information at a later time. The link remains valid as long as there is an ongoing sales or purchase discussion with the seller regarding the car.

4. Dealer Dashboard

The salesperson dashboard appears inside the Smilee Chat Platform as a new module. The online store doesn’t require new usernames or systems - Smilee Webshop is an independent module.

5. Offer

From the work view, the seller can take on a new transaction, from which he can see the details of the customer's trade-in car. The seller can have a conversation with the customer and add an exchange and financing offer.

6. Purchase decision

Finally, the customer can reject or accept the offer. That's how easy it is to buy a car online!

The online store enables digital sales for the entire car warehouse

The Smilee online store opens a development path for the online store of car dealers’ own webpages. It enables the verification of customers’ digital willingness to buy, as well as the monitoring of sellers’ sales funnel. Smilee’s online store enables digital sales.

Contact us

We help to enable your customer a new way of buying cars. Are you interested? Great! We want to hear from you too! We are happy to share our know-how and help you with successful online sales.

Smilee Chat 🧡 Online store 

Smilee’s chatbot, live chat and WA chat support the purchase path of the online store. Chat is not just an app – it’s a solution. You can partially automate your chat service with the help of a bot and/or outsource the chat service in whole or in part to the Smilee chat team.


Use chatbots for task automation

One or more chatbots tirelessly serve your customers around the clock. Typically, bots improve chat conversion rates. You can gather customer information through forms and direct the data to customer service or lead pipelines. It is beneficial to build chatbots with specific, clear purposes in mind. On your website, you can have multiple chatbots simultaneously, such as a feedback bot, lead bot, and recruitment bot.

chat team

Outsource the chat to our team

Smilee's professional customer service team can enhance your customer experience and increase sales! You can outsource your entire online customer service and allow your staff to focus on live interactions - or we can handle the service as an outsourced solution in relevant areas. Chat transfers between teams are possible, even in the middle of a conversation.

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