What are the key factors for high-quality online customer service?

Real-time online customer service is becoming more and more common on websites, replacing the contact forms and the irregularly available chat services. The shift from irregular online customer service to real-time human-to-human service has also introduced online customer service providers who work as partners to their client companies. In order to be able to guarantee high quality of customer service online, it can be useful for these client companies to pay attention to, e.g., the following quality factors.

1. The right kind of attitude

An online customer service representative needs, for example, good problem solving skills, a lot of common sense, the ability to work under pressure, and, of course, a customer-oriented mindset. Even though these things are really important, the importance of a positive attitude must not be ignored, as a smile can work wonders – even online. The online customer may not meet the customer service representative face-to-face, but the representative’s attitude can be conveyed through chat messages, as well, not to mention emojis. The customer service attitude plays an important role in creating a successful customer experience. If the customer experience is good, the customer will engage.

2. Natural expertise

If the customer service representative has expertise in a certain topic, be it fishing, dancing, or skate boarding, due to, e.g., personal interests or hobbies, this can be a great advantage in the customer service work. A wise customer service provider will make use of this type of natural expertise and take this knowledge into account while choosing customer service representatives for a new website. If the customer service team is already familiar with the products or services offered on the website, the service on the site will likely be higher in quality. Expert advice provided on a website will increase both customer satisfaction and conversion.

3. Expert training

Starting the cooperation between an online customer service partner and a client company will always require training the customer service personnel – no matter how much natural expertise the group of customer service representatives has. A comprehensive training system is one of the most important factors in building up high-quality customer service and in ensuring better online results.

4. Communication between the customer service partner and the client

Even the most qualified customer service representatives cannot manage without efficient communication with the client company. During the customer service partnership, the two parties will not only have to actively monitor the online customer service and its quality, but also find the right channels for fast, daily messaging about, for example, website updates and important news. Having access to some of the client company’s online data bases will also help in ensuring the smooth flow of online customer service. And let’s not forget the important questions, feedback and even leads that the online customer service will need to be able to forward to the client. Money, money, money!

5. Trust

The trust between the customer service partner and the client is the last but not least thing on the list. Both the customer service provider and the client will need to engage in cooperation and developing the online customer service and each other’s businesses together. When the cooperation is working, also high-quality online customer service can be guaranteed.

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